Ulthera Therapy


Ulthera Therapy

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Product Description

Ultherapy is a non-surgical treatment for men and women that uses ultrasound to actually lift loose or sagging skin on the neck, under the chin and above the eyebrow.
The treatment stimulates deep layers of the skin without disturbing the surface; Natural process of creating new collagen that builds over time; Reduced pore size and the best part: Results are noticeable after 2 months!

– Eye area and brow: Lift the brows and eyelids to give a refreshed look
– Cheeks and jaw: Lift and tighten the sagging skin addressing “double chin”and improve firmness and plumpness of the cheeks.
– Jaw and Neck: Say goodbye to “turkey gobbler” and “double chin”!

Book your appointment now! Ultherapy is a revolutionary way to look younger and beautiful!



Ultherapy Results: Full Face

Courtesy of Dr. Dan Mills














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